Sep 2, 2014 In case you missed it: Obsidian are making a F2P game about tanks called Armored Warfare, and no, we didn't make that up. The game was .Oct 9, 2015 Obsidian's Armored Warfare seemed a little odd to me when it was announced back in mid-2014, and it still seems that way now. Obsidian .Armored and PC Gamer. Retrieved 13 February 2017. ^ Hafer, T.J. "Armored Warfare hands-on: Obsidian brings storytelling to tank combat". PC Gamer. Retrieved 25 March .To celebrate the incoming Black Sea Incursion update for free-to-play tank battler Armored Warfare we are giving away 3000 codes. If you manage to grab you yhou get a new tank and three.

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Feb 26, 2015 There's a certain feeling I get while playing Armored Warfare. It's impossible to shake: a growing tension, a tightness between my shoulder .Armored for the PC. Immerse yourself into the world of modern armored vehicle combat.Alles über Armored Warfare: 1 Artikel, 1 News, Spieletipps Wertung, Tipps und Cheats.Obsidian is no longer working on Armored Warfare. By Shaun Prescott February Armored Warfare hands-on: Obsidian's tank war is a lot like World of Tanks.

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Jun 10, 2014 I'm still not sure how it is that Obsidian Entertainment ended up doing a multiplayer armored combat simulator, but here it is: The Armored .PS4, PC 0 Armored Warfare: F2P-Panzerschlachten auf der PS4 im Testvideo 22.02.2018 Armored Warfare: In unserem Testvideo sagen wir euch, wie gut die Sony-exklusive Konsolenversion geworden.Mar 20, 2014 It's Armored Warfare, a new free-to-play game from South Park and Pillars of Eternity developer Obsidian Entertainment and published.Armored is taking.