We're pleased to inform you that j2 Global has acquired the business of PopFax. We will continue to provide Fax to Email. Your new Fax to Email service.

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French Translation of “fax” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary [document] faxer ⧫ envoyer par fax ⧫ envoyer par télécopie The Sun (2016).

A document transmitted or received by a fax machine. In both senses also called facsimile tr.v. faxed , fax·ing , fax·es To. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Switch to new thesaurus fax faksimasin دستگاه فکس telefaksi télécopieur, fax מַכשִיר פָקס फैक्स मशीन telefaks (uređaj) .

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Fax, a shortened term for facsimile, also called telefax or telecopy, refers to the telephonic transmission and reproduction of printed or scanned documents, .

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fax translate: fax, télécopie, faxer, envoyer par fax/télécopie, télécopie, fax, télécopieur, fax, numéro de fax, Our new fax has a separate telephone line.