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GTA V Realistic Driving / Handling MOD I do this modification for myself, but i decide, that i want to share it worldwide for free. : ) Speical thanks to Killatomate85 and his mod for GTA IV, which helps me a lot with some of the values for my start.

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Download version 1.3 at A handling mod for GTA4 and GTA EFLC, features new handling for 170 GTA4 vehicles.

This mod changes: - Top speeds and acceleration of all cars (+DLC cars) to realistic (Adder = Veyron - 407 Km/h etc.) - Weight of all cars (+DLC cars) to more realistic - All have cars physics similar for that from GTA IV (+DLC cars) - Reworked all bikes physics for more realistic suspension - Speed of submersible and boats - Increased.

  1. As title says, I'm looking for mods to improve vehicle handling in GTA IV. realistic handling mod: .

  2. Mar 15, 2009 Hazeyo presents GTA IV Real Car Handling Mod Over three months of work has been put into this version, so you will not be disappointed this .

  3. Jul 19, 2012 This mod features completely new handling for all 170 vehicles in GTA4 and GTA EFLC. Driving physics and performance of every single car, .

Realistic Handling Mod for GTAV by NeuroDNB v.0.2 // ----- Description : This is a Realistic Handling Mod for GTA V. It works best in Ego Perspective (obviously because of the Increased Sense of Speed) and with a Gamepad (Xbox 360 Controller , Xbox One Controller).

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Mar 4, 2010 GTA 4 Realistic Driving n Flying 2.7 Mod was downloaded 45535 times Download it now for GTA 4! GTA IV handling mod by Killatomate.