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Please tell me your pokemon emerald starter team. Make sure the pokemon can only be get in pokemon emerald and no trading required. And tell me what is your strategy.Making a 'perfect team' can seem like a daunting task, but with a bit of for the Battle Frontier (if you have Pokémon Emerald, Platinum or HeartGold/SoulSilver).Creating the Best Pokemon Emerald Team. There are many decisions you are faced with when constructing a team. But what I suppose you are really looking for is some overall balance so you can handle.

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  1. Before you begin to make your team, you must decide what role you want your team to fill. Do you want to make an Uber sweeping powerhouse, or a UU tanking team? As this is THE pivital decision on what roles your pokemon play in your team, this is the biggest decision you will make. Here are some examples of teams, and how they play-.Ever since I was a kid I was always obsessed with making the best team in order to get through the game. I tried different pokemon, different.If you're trying to make a team for competitive battling, then you need to make one that can stand up to the top Pokémon. If you're just bored, or you want to do it for the sake of having a team, then consider sticking to your favorite Pokémon.

  2. Jul 18, 2018 Well my (only indigenous Hoenn pokemon) team was, if I remember right… 1. These are NOT good things to get in a Pokemon, at least in its' base stats.Well there are many good pokemon in emerald but i suggest :-.Blazeiken or swampert - skeptile sucks a little so them two are the prefered options.I think a good way to make a team is to first think of a lead. A lead can be a pokemon designed to kill as many pokemon as possible before dying, or a pokemon that can help its teammates setup. The other two pokemon should cover the lead's weaknesses as well as each other.

  3. Nov 29, 2013 There's two kinds of effective teams that you can make: a team of many The best fighting type Pokemon in Emerald without trading would .Team Aqua appears only in the Hoenn-based games Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, as well as their remakes Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, where they scheme to bring Kyogre out of its slumber.Supersalamence93 here bringing you another Pokemon Team builder. Today's team is Gen 3 starting with Mudkip Now if you want to change a pokemon go ahead. if you want to change a move be my guest.

first, you need to pick a Pokemon that has mixed attrabutes, this is good when you need a grass types but don't want to switch out, it also makes.Sep 24, 2007 For Pokemon Emerald Version on the Game Boy Advance, Team Building Team Building is where you choose your best possible team of Pokemon to triumph and This FAQ will guide.To start off, you'll need a team of six to have the best advantage when battling. Selecting your Pokémon can be tricky, especially since you have a lot to choose from, but the best rule of thumb to use is to select one of each main type (Fire, Water, Grass, Electric, Flying and Dragon/Psychic/Steel etc.) This will make sure you have a Pokémon to counter almost any team, and it'll make it hard for your rival to pick a weak spot as you'll have most major bases covered.

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The "best" Pokemon party would always depend on the criteria of the Trainer in question. It's generally accepted that many Pokemon outmatch others in a great way, but that doesn't make them better by default.Well there are many good pokemon in emerald but i suggest :- Milotic is also another contender, providing you have the patience to evolve.In this video I walk you through my process of team building. A lot of people have been asking for it, so I hope you all can learn something.